Professional CCTV systems for your home or business.

Our CCTV systems have been designed to the highest quality and standards, they will give you reliability, clean images in any light and just as importantly easy to use. With 4mp now as standard you can be sure of the best possible image.
CCTVThis is NOT what you will find in a general electronic store! This is better!

Expandable kits available.

  • High quality Day/Night visibility
  • Easy to use software
  • Cameras powered by NVR so no individual power cables required
  • Record on movement in specific areas
  • View live on any smart phone (Internet required)
  • View from any computer via Network or Internet
  • Alerts via Email of movement
  • Weather proof cameras
  • Latest LED technology (30m lighting)


IP Cameras vs Analog Cameras
Basically you will get a much better image and up to date technology.
Images below taken with 4mp system.


True WDR (wide dynamic range) helps compensates for uneven light conditions caused by shadows, sun glare, back light and inconsistent lighting.


 NEW 4mp, 2 camera system
  • 1x 4ch Network Video Recorder
  • 1x 2tb surveillance HDD
  • 2x Mini dome Day/Night 4mp IP66 cameras
  • 1x HDMI lead
  • Expandable
  • Supplied and installed^
RRP $1559


 NEW 4mp, 4 camera system
  • 1x 4ch Network Video Recorder
  • 1x 2tb surveillance HDD
  • 4x Mini dome Day/Night 4mp IP66 cameras
  • 1x HDMI lead
  • Expandable
  • Supplied and installed^
RRP $2199


NEW 4mp, 6 camera system
  • 1x 8ch Network Video Recorder
  • 1x 2tb surveillance HDD
  • 6x Mini dome Day/Night 4mp IP66 cameras
  • 1x HDMI lead
  • Expandable
  • Supplied and installed^
RRP $3250


 Extras Extra cameras (4mp)   + $358 installed ea
 Extras 21.5″ Monitor (not required)   + $275


Q. Can I read a number plate with these cameras.

A. Yes. But it is dependent on lighting, distance, angle and many other factors, don’t expect what you see in some movies as this is not available with current technology. You cannot rely on CCTV to capture number plates with current technologies.

Q. Can I see at night with these cameras?
A. Yes. They have very good Smart IR, rated up to 30m

Q. How long does a 2tb HDD record for?
A. It depends on how many cameras but anywhere between 2-3weeks. Although we usually set the system up to record on movement so you are not recording for nothing. The system will also loop so it is set and forget.

Q. How is this system different to cheaper systems found in electronic stores?
We use the Uniview system, the image quality is far superior to that of cheap systems. These are hardwired due to the amount of data being transferred, have wider dynamic ranges, use smart IR and can be used commercially. We recommend coming into the showroom to see the quality yourself. It really is Apples and Oranges!

Q. I have a two-storey home is this extra?
A. Yes. We usually quote these on site, give us a call and we can arrange a free quote

Q. Can I access a live view from my smart phone?
A. Yes. You can even watch recordings.

Q. Does the system come with a monitor?
A. No. But we can supply one, most home systems are setup to view on phones or existing TV.

Q. Can I add cameras to this system?
A. You can for example if you have 3 cameras on a 4 channel NVR, if you have 4 cameras on a 4 channel NVR you have not more ports. We have stock of 8 channel NVR’s and can get 16,32 even 64!

What is the warranty period with this?
A. 2 Years (3 years on HDD)

EZCloud manual available here
NVR manual available here

-The NVR (recording box) has moving parts such as fans and hard-drives, this means that they are not completely silent and can sound similar to a desktop computer. So, careful thought of where you want it situated is recommended and should be discussed before going ahead. E.g. not a bedroom or quiet/reading room.
-We include setup to compatible phones and TVs, this is done via a p2p cloud system. This is a free service provided by Uniview and as such we have no control over the up time or additional support once we have installed the system. Any call outs regarding software setup once job has been completed will incur call out fees.
Setup via port forwarding with static IP can be done if needed, please discuss with consultant.

-Due to the many variables involved, setup via a network to the computer may in some cases incur additional costs.

-Although most of the time placement of cameras discussed at time of quote is not an issue it is always subject to access.

-A demo unit is available to see at our showroom.
-If we are called out to a fault that is not due to hardware supplied or install a service charge will be applicable.

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^Prices subject to site inspection, standard 4×2, tiled roof, using existing power point.
*Promotion pricing not available on payment plans, list pricing applies to payment plans. All pricing subject to site visit.