Door repairsLock Repairs, Maintenance and Sliding Door Repairs in Perth
Are you having difficulty opening your doors?
Locks not operating properly?


If this is the case it may be worth contacting our experts to help rectify these issues and allow your doors to operate properly once more.

Common problems for sliding glass and aluminium doors include difficulty to open, heavy or making scraping sounds when attempting to open it. Without proper maintenance, the problem will only get worse and end up costing you more in the future. Our technicians have the capacity to perform a variety of sliding door repairs in Perth, including lock repairs as well as replacements of wheels, rollers and tracks.

Specialist Services

We specialise in repairs for sliding, hinged and bi-fold doors, stacking and more. We also have experience and knowledge to repair most makes including Jason Windows, BGC (Affinity), Dowell, Boral, GJames, Stegbar, Armani to name a few. We provide a range of specialist services including:

  • vanHinged/Sliding door and window repairs
  • Roller replacements
  • Lock repairs and replacement
  • General maintenance
  • Rewires and upgrades
  • And much more

Contact KNA Security Specialists

Here at KNA Security we strive to provide our clients with the most effective services at affordable prices. We’re also committed to customer satisfaction, and will do the utmost to ensure you are completely happy.

Prolonged use of a worn out aluminium or glass sliding door can lead to costly repairs down the track. Therefore, if your door is hard to open or the locks are not operating as they should, give us a call today.

Contact us for a free quote or by calling us directly on 08 9561 2956.